India’s answer to The Lord of the Rings.

Posted in Tech by AltF on May 28, 2006

Devi, heroine of one of Kapur's comic booksThe epic retold. It's a project that stays true to the original by integrating the relationships between the main protagonists amid the themes of dharma , karma , maya and moksha . Yet, a modern-day project with the contemporary avatars of Ram, Ravana and Sita, plus a few additional characters. All this, in comic-book form. A sneak peek at the reinvented Ramayana – the comic book creation of Shekhar Kapur and Deepak Chopra which is being billed as Asia's Lord Of The Rings. To quote Kapur and Chopra, Ramayan Reborn is about Ram, the exiled and desolate warrior of Ayodhya who must journey across the wasted Earth to battle with Ravan, Dark Lord of the savage Asura demons.

NatrajNew Age guru Deepak Chopra and filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, along with Chopra's son Gotham and Sharad Devarajan of the Gotham Entertainment group, have created a global content development company, Gotham Studios, which will churn out a number of comic book projects (including Indian Spider-Man) , the first being Kapur and Chopra's interpretation of the Ramayana.

Ramayan Reborn also has the involvement of maver- businessman, Richard rama1.JPGBranson. In fact, the comic book is one of the first initiatives of Virgin Comics — a three-way initiative between Branson’s Virgin Books, Intent Media which is a company owned by Chopra & Kapur as well as Sharad Devarajan of Gotham Entertainment Group. Other projects in the pipeline includes THE SADHU, RAMAYANA REBORN, SNAKE WOMAN, and SHEKHAR KAPUR'S DEVI.

Stay Tuned to know more!


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