Windows Live Mail – What’s new?

Posted in MSN by AltF on July 18, 2006

M7 isn’t shipped yet, but it’s shipping soon.
We’re still listening: How do we decide what goes into each release? We have a huge list of all of the features we’d like to add based on feedback from customers through our blog, beta newsgroups, satisfaction surveys, server data, usability tests, “dogfooders” at Microsoft, and our own team members. We prioritize features based on customer impact and our business strategy. We pick the most urgent items that we can design, build, and test in the milestone.
Users like (and unlike) you shape our priorities: If there’s a feature that blog readers asked for that you don’t see yet, it’s usually because other types of users were asking for a different feature. Sometimes the feature takes more than one cycle to build. We can’t tell you exactly when your feature will arrive because we re-evaluate user and business needs in every release.
Each release also includes changes that make Windows Live Mail faster and more reliable. Thanks for your help and patience as beta testers!

New M7 code is almost ready for you to use on Windows Live Mail. What’s new?

Just what you asked for: Checkboxes are in Windows Live Mail!!! You can now select messages the same way you’re used to in Hotmail. Some of you like to select multiple messages using shift-click or control-click. You can still do that, or you can use checkboxes.
Signing in to Windows Live Mail just works better.

  • Set-up wizard when you use Windows Live Mail for the first time – now it’s easier to use
  • New loading page (with a link to try the basic version if your connection is slow)
  • Today page now has your storage meter, updated contacts, and updated Spaces
  • Search structured query syntax now makes it easier for you to find messages. Try searching for: “won from:ebay” to easily locate the message about that auction. You can try subject:, cc:, to:, from:, replyto:, and body:, and folder:.

Composing a message is a richer, customized experience.

  • Photo upload tool just like in Hotmail
  • Rich text signatures lets you add fonts, colors, and emoticons (available in Options à Mail and Junk E-mail section)
  • Can turn off spell check from the compose page

Windows Live Mail is available to more people.

  • Scaled to 6 million users!
  • 12 New languages: Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Finnish, Thai, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, and Polish.
  • The basic version now has: shortcut for calendar, next/previous message buttons, editable contacts, and a toolbar at the bottom of each message

You can take your contacts with you and find them easily.

  • Contact importer lets you import contacts from Outlook and Outlook Express (download from Customize menu)
  • Print button on contact page lets you print your entire address book
  • “You” contact on contacts page lets you manage contact information that you can share with your friends
  • Improved search box now searches full contact name, address, and primary phone number

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