Yahoo! Answers Rip Off

Posted in MSN by AltF on July 18, 2006

Windows Live™ QnA Beta

Ask any question and get answers from people in the know – Sign up

What it is

What do you really want to know? The best chocolate chip cookie recipe? The fastest shortcut through downtown? Elvis’ weight on Jupiter? Somebody out there is bound to have the answers you’re looking for—and you probably know something they want to know, too. Get and give answers based on personal experience and expertise. QnA creates a community of knowledge that grows and gets better every day.

What it gives you

• A store of human knowledge containing facts, opinions, and experiences

• Reputation-based scoring, so you know which sources are most reputable

• Voting that determines the best answer to any question


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  1. Mamaw said, on August 14, 2006 at 12:03 pm

    Love the Q/A on Yahoo Answers. Some people only put in 1 word as an answer-I guess to add up points. There should be a word # minimum limit. 20 or so. I’ve noticed that some answers seem to be inappropriate or just a put down to the asker. Why can’t they just answer the questions without being mean or insulting?

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