Posted in Uncategorized by AltF on January 29, 2007

Astro-tise – a word that is still to find its place in wikipedia. Astro-tise literally means advertisements seen from space and is the latest business that high resolution imaging companies like Digital Globe and GeoEye may make mullah from. The text seen in the google earth image is not really an astro-tise but more of a century old walking path in a municipal garden in Mumbai tracing out the letters B M G for Bombay (the former name for Mumbai City) Municipal Garden – little would the gardener have known that his handiwork will one day be a ‘space-mark’. These will become the man-made indelible place marks in virtual globes and the recent ad campaign by KFC in this domain may pale into insignificance with new creative ideas- hopefully none should be as drastic as cutting down huge tracts of forests to depict some company logo. The makers of crop-signs will have a new business opportunity where satellite flyby times will decide their working hours…



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