iWant – iRobot Roomba Discovery SE 4220(s).

Posted in Android by AltF on September 24, 2007

iRobot roombaWhy do I want it?

  • Active Dirt Response: Roomba senses and finds dirt. Once dirtier areas are detected, Roomba automatically increases the intensity and focus of its cleaning.
  • Cleaning Intelligence: Just push a button and Roomba automatically calculates how long it needs to work to clean your entire room.
  • Advanced Power System: Roomba has a microprocessor controlled charging system that provides up to 120 minutes of cleaning power, It recharges its battery in 3 hours, 60% faster than the original Roomba. With the Advanced Power System, Roomba can clean up to 4 rooms before charging.
  • Proprietary Cleaning System: Roomba’s high efficiency vacuum has a wide cleaning path, 2-times more powerful suction and counter-rotating agitators to reach into your carpet and remove the dirt. The entire cleaning head automatically adjusts for both carpet and hard floor surfaces.
  • Roomba’s spinning sidebrush and Wall Following technology team up to grab dirt and debris from wall edges and other hard-to-reach places.
  • Three powerful cleaning modes: Clean, Spot and Max
  • Air filter prevents dust and dirt from entering Roomba’s vacuum system or your air
  • Self-Charging Home Base–Roomba now has the built-in intelligence to automatically return to its self-charging home base when its battery is low or it has completed a cleaning cycle. This means your Roomba will always be charged and ready for its next cleaning mission.
  • Stasis Sensor–Roomba immediately detects when it’s stuck and initiates its careful escape routine
  • Max Mode–Run the Roomba for the full charge of the battery to vacuum multiple rooms
  • Spot Mode–Intensely cleans one area of a room up to three feet in diameter
  • 2 Virtual Walls–Keeps the Roomba where its wanted by blocking doorways with an invisible beam
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning–Cleans hardwood, tile, linoleum, and low-to-medium pile carpet
  • Automatic Surface Transitioning–The entire cleaning head adjusts automatically for both carpet and hard floor surfaces
  • Automatic Stair Avoidance System–Leave Roomba by itself without worrying about it falling down stairs
  • Standard infrared remote control lets you control standard Roomba functions from across the room
  • Bagless debris bin now holds three times the dirt
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  1. leahshanker said, on March 12, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    I’ve got one.
    First of all, it chokes on pet hair. I’ve got two cats and I can only run him (Pifflefritz is his name) once before I have to spend an hour treating his wounds after battle.
    This also lead to his front left wheel giving out, and since the AI is actually rather simple, I’m looking into reprogramming him to work despite his broken front wheel (He can’t really turn left anymore).

  2. AltF said, on April 3, 2008 at 9:58 am

    @leah: Thank God, I still haven’t bought one. But I heard the newer ones are more efficient.

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