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SMS2.0 is bringing a paradigm shift in mobile user interactivity Source: Voice & Data, Gold Book, March 08 | View Print Article

Tell us something about recently launched SMS 2.0? How is it going to revolutionize the Indian market?

SMS2.0 is a next generation technology innovation in the mobile media space. It is bringing a paradigm shift in mobile user interactivity. Users are experiencing enhanced messaging services, search and access to relevant content, and promotions of interest in a personalized and non-intrusive way.

SMS2.0, an innovative content delivery platform with enhanced messaging services, has been launched to revolutionize the mobile Internet market in India. The unique messaging technology has converged messaging, content, search, and marketing into one seamless application.

SMS2.0 resides as the default SMS application on handsets. It has been launched with Airtel. We are also in talks with all leading service providers in India and will soon offer SMS2.0 to a larger audience through other service providers.

What are your investment plans for 2008?

Affle already has an R&D center in Singapore which takes care of all technology development at Affle. In 2008, similar investments are planned in India. We have already started an R&D center in India. Other growth plans include more OEM alliances to increase our handset support base.

In 2008, Affle will expand to several Apac markets like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. We will also initiate our entry into the US and UK markets, where talks are already on with MNOs, Affle is already operating in UK, India, Singapore, Malaysia, the US, and Thailand. We are also in process of strategically expanding to other top mobile markets including Japan, China, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Indonesia.

What are the growth prospects of the mobile media business in India?

Moble media is witnessing an explosive growth in India. It is already fueling the growth of the world wide web. India’s mobile subscriber base has already crossed the 200-mm mark. This is creating a potential for the mobile to be the biggest medium to marketers.

Mobile marketing/advertising is taking off in a big way as marketers and mobile operators are looking for new ways to monetize services and develop new streams of revenue.

This medium is attracting big money spends as it enables marketers to target their campaigns to reach out to specific interest groups of customers in a non-intrusive and personalized way. This will be further accelerated by the high-speed access over 3G and high-end mobile handsets, expanding the mobile base in India.

What is the USP of your company?

Affle has gained a leadership position in the mobile media space by providing the best innovations from the simplest of solutions, and the right dose of experiment with proven logic.

Leveraging on the ability offered by cutting-edge technologies, we have developed mobile media and marketing solutions with an irresistible value proposition for our business partners and consumers. Our solutions and products have been designed to enhance their experience and make media convergence an everyday reality.

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  1. AltF said, on April 5, 2008 at 5:19 am

    Airtel in India have already implemented SMS2.0, I believe they are the first ones.

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