QwickPwn 2.1 for windows out (unlocks/jailbreaks iPhone 1st gen., jailbreaks iPhone 3G)

Posted in Apple by AltF on September 23, 2008

iPhone-dev team released the QuickPwn2.1 tool for windows last week which works like a breeze and the UI makes it extremely simple to use. It unlocks iPhone 2G and jailbreaks iPhone 3G.

Surprisingly, the new 2.1 firmware upgrade doesn’t re-lock the iPhone. So, if you have an already unlocked/jailbroken iPhone running 2.0 or 2.0.x, just go ahead and upgrade using itunes 8 – it wont lock your phone again. (tested on 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2)

more from the dev-teams blog:

Window QuickPwn 2.1

Supports 2.1 firmware with the unlocking and jailbreaking of iPhone 1st generation (2G) device. Supports the jailbreaking of iPod Touch 1st generation device and iPhone 3G. Your device will need to be upgraded to 2.1 (using iTunes 8 ) before running this application.

  • It does NOT support the unlocking of iPhone 3G
  • It does NOT support the jailbreaking of second generation iPod Touch introduced last week
  • Windows QuickPwn 2.1 – Torrent here
  • (SHA1) = f8124d0e8f31f64ef3272de8fbc679e1dd1f93a7

You will need to know how to use bittorrent to download this file.

Mirror owners should email with direct hosted zipfile links (with the correct MIME type). RapidShare or other file distribution services are not needed thanks. Links will be added to this post soon.


pwnage for windows users.

Posted in Apple by AltF on July 20, 2008

Step 1: Use WinPWN 1.0 To PWN Your 1.1.4 iPhone. If you need WinPWN Get it:

Step 2: Install BootNeuter (Available Via Installer).

Step 3: Run BootNeuter and have it Neuter your iphone

Step 4: Make sure your iTunes version is at 7.7

Step 5: Grab a pre-created IPSW Made with PWNAGE 2.0 Mac. If you don’t have one made you can grab one here:

Step 6: Grab ZiPhone (Yes its Crap But hey it will get us into recovery mode) (

Step 7: Run Ziphone & Jump your iPhone into NORMAL Recovery mode (available via advanced settings area in Ziphone) — This is the most straightforward way to get it into the proper restore mode

Step 8: In iTunes Shift+Click the Restore button and find your custom IPSW Firmware file.

Step 9: The restore occurs (You should see a crazy pineapple while its running on your iphone). Then you should see bootneuter automatically come up (this is pwnage unlocking, activating and jail breaking your iphone).

NOTE: DFU Mode did NOT work for me so to be safe stick with normal restore mode.

IRC Server –

Another simple guide available here –

Mac Users


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