Watch live T-Mobile G1 press conference

Posted in Google by AltF on September 23, 2008

Watch live T-Mobile G1 press conference – New York – Sept 23, 2008.

Liveblog on techcrunch and more information from engadget –

UPDATE: Live event just got over. Content, phone details and on-demand version of the press conference will be available on the website soon.

Some important details:

  • G1 phone is priced at $179
  • Out on October 22
  • Google maps with street view and compass mode – scene moves as you move around.
  • Android Marketplace – download games and apps
  • SIM-locked to T-Mobile
  • Plans – $25 for unlimited web and some messaging. $35 unlimited everything
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iWant – iRobot Roomba Discovery SE 4220(s).

Posted in Android by AltF on September 24, 2007

iRobot roombaWhy do I want it?

  • Active Dirt Response: Roomba senses and finds dirt. Once dirtier areas are detected, Roomba automatically increases the intensity and focus of its cleaning.
  • Cleaning Intelligence: Just push a button and Roomba automatically calculates how long it needs to work to clean your entire room.
  • Advanced Power System: Roomba has a microprocessor controlled charging system that provides up to 120 minutes of cleaning power, It recharges its battery in 3 hours, 60% faster than the original Roomba. With the Advanced Power System, Roomba can clean up to 4 rooms before charging.
  • Proprietary Cleaning System: Roomba’s high efficiency vacuum has a wide cleaning path, 2-times more powerful suction and counter-rotating agitators to reach into your carpet and remove the dirt. The entire cleaning head automatically adjusts for both carpet and hard floor surfaces.
  • Roomba’s spinning sidebrush and Wall Following technology team up to grab dirt and debris from wall edges and other hard-to-reach places.
  • Three powerful cleaning modes: Clean, Spot and Max
  • Air filter prevents dust and dirt from entering Roomba’s vacuum system or your air
  • Self-Charging Home Base–Roomba now has the built-in intelligence to automatically return to its self-charging home base when its battery is low or it has completed a cleaning cycle. This means your Roomba will always be charged and ready for its next cleaning mission.
  • Stasis Sensor–Roomba immediately detects when it’s stuck and initiates its careful escape routine
  • Max Mode–Run the Roomba for the full charge of the battery to vacuum multiple rooms
  • Spot Mode–Intensely cleans one area of a room up to three feet in diameter
  • 2 Virtual Walls–Keeps the Roomba where its wanted by blocking doorways with an invisible beam
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning–Cleans hardwood, tile, linoleum, and low-to-medium pile carpet
  • Automatic Surface Transitioning–The entire cleaning head adjusts automatically for both carpet and hard floor surfaces
  • Automatic Stair Avoidance System–Leave Roomba by itself without worrying about it falling down stairs
  • Standard infrared remote control lets you control standard Roomba functions from across the room
  • Bagless debris bin now holds three times the dirt
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